Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Bug Called Kuwayamaea sapporensis (Photos)

Here is another one of those critters that I'm taking off the back burner.

One day back in October, last year, I was up in Motobu with MAP IT OKINAWA.

Sometimes, when he's doing all that off-the-beaten-path stuff, I hang around in the shade.

As easily bored as I can get, I can also be easily entertained.

Along came this bug. So, I entertained myself.

He really didn't want to stand still and pose for me.  And, I don't think he liked my camera.

 After he got done pickin' his nose, or whatever he was doing, the little rascal looked up at me.

And, he jumped, almost knocking me over on my rear end.


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Map It! Okinawa said...

How did you find the name to that bug?

Ryukyu Ru

RyukyuMike said...

Ryukyu Ru,
Trade secret.

MoreThingsJapanese said...

Hilarious, but probably not so fun at the time. Thanks for sharing ;-) Bugs are always a challenge for me, which make them all the more fun to shoot. I never seem to have the right lens handy when they pop up!

RyukyuMike said...

Same here. They are always fun to shoot. It's the ID part that slays me.

Paul said...

"Bugs make me crazy sometimes. Hours and hours of looking at thumbnails to find correct ID. " . . . . . . You should go Haitian my friend. My mother was there for 12 years, she shared a poem by another non-native Western young woman. The poem described a flower, and admired its beauty. The poem ended with a question to the Haitians, "What is it?" . . . "Le fleur" ("A flower"), they responded. It's a Yankee impulse. The bug won't mind. I promise. Call him Fred. Cheers Amigo

RyukyuMike said...

Sounds like you've got the experience under your belt, too. Bugs drive you buggy ? All in a day's work.