Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Your Exoskeletons Out of Your Closet !

Have you got any bugs, butterflies, worms or any other kind of exoskeleton photos ?

Did you know something like 97% of the critters on earth are exoskeletons ?

Well, they're having a photo contest to help educate the world about these insects.

Visit the ARKive Blog and they will give you all the information on how to enter.

Even if you don't have a contest winning photo, it could still appear on ARKive.

Just load your critter photos to Flickr and add them to the ARKive Group.

No Flickr Account?  No problem.  Get a Free one here:

Yahoo! Flickr - 468x60

That way you can get exoskeletons and all your wildlife photos the exposure they deserve.

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