Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuesday Travel Photo: Okinawa Partly Cloudy Partly Sunny

This photo was taken a few months ago but, depicts today's weather just fine.

Last night, I hung around the office until midnight, with cameras at the ready.

Some folks like to see photos of rain blowing sideways so, I figured I'd take a couple.

But, that Typhoon Guchol just didn't put on a very good show.

We'll get some good typhoon shots, and maybe some video, later.  Don't worry.

Today, we have partly cloudy, partly sunny, and even sometimes, partly raining skies.

Okinawa is a big place so, I guess it depends on what part of which island you happen to be.

My advice to travelers would be: Don't try and predict the weather.

Relax and enjoy life.

Somebody ate it.  

I'm getting pretty good at predicting things like that, not the weather.

You don't suppose one of the dogs ate the thing, do you ?

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