Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo Essay: The Tern That Rules Komaka-Jima

Out on what is supposed to be an uninhabited island today I met this tern.

Around Komaka-Jima he lets tourists know, there are some places they aren't welcome.

How can a small place like this stay uninhabited if people keep coming here ?

He squawks and dive-bombs everyone on the beach.

Some folks just ignore it and walk away.  He won't really bite you; just try to scare you away.

The bird saw me pointing a camera his way and came after me, too.

It was fun tracking him as he swooped, dipped and screamed at me.

Exploring the island is what I went there for but, forgot all about it.

 This tern was a real character and I have 200 pictures to prove it.

That bird came from Australia, according to the staff who run the boat launch.

They call it an Ajisagi.  I'm fairly certain it would be called a Black-naped Tern.

They do a fine job of trying to keep their homes, uninhabited ! 

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