Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photos: Published, Contest Finalist and Off to the Book Printer

The day started off with an email from Yahoo. My latest article is online:

We All Know About The Sinking of the Titanic--

How About the Tsushima Maru ? 

Then, after I took a short break going through the 30, or so daily Junk emails where I'm always

winning lotteries in foreign countries, getting offers from girls who can't spell Facebook and 

Canadian doctors who want to enlarge me, I get back to work.

Do you spend three hours a day answering all those people ?

It's got me thinking, I could just be wasting of my time.

So, for now, I think I'll just forward them to some other country's leader.  Hah !

The Judges at Better Photo made this a Contest Finalist.

Unfortunately, I don't post the high-resolution photos they see, here.

There are people (ahem-ahum) who like to borrow stuff like that without paying.

One of these days I'll do a Photography Tip to show you how to protect your photos.

 As if there wasn't enough excitement around here for me today, along came another email.

Somebody in the United Kingdom saw this photo and wants to publish it in a book.

Well, the stuff I post online isn't fit for publishing on paper.

So, I dug up a few different versions of this Tsushima Maru model.

I made them high-resolution.

And, off to the book printer they went.

Now, I'm done for the day.

As long as Mrs. RyukyuMike doesn't go out lookin' for me and find me here's the plan:

Find an air-conditioned bar with dim girls, pretty lights and cold beer.

Er, pretty girls and dim lights, I meant.


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