Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enlightening Ladybug in My Office

Almost anything beats spending the day in front of a computer monitor.

When I saw this ladybug in the planter out front it gave me an idea.

Grab a camera and shoot the little munchkin.

The wind started blowing.  And I didn't want to show everybody what a mess my planter is.

So, I snipped-off the weed the critter was munching on and took it inside.

Well, bugs must enjoy being indoors about as much as I do.

The little rascal started running around the place.

Somebody should have been here with a video camera to record the action.

There are tons of papers and books piled up in here and the ladybug went through them all.

There I was hopping around the place, slinging papers and tripping over furniture.

And saying stuff like "Would you hold still for a second" ?

The ladybug didn't seem to like the Pentax, I was pointing at it.

But, didn't mind crawling all over the Canon G12.

As soon as it reached the other side, it flew out my front door.

If you were wondering, what's so enlightening about the ladybug in my office, I'll tell you.

This office looks like a twister came through it.

Maybe, I should clean the joint up !


Sumitran said...

You obviously have stolen her away from her mate ... and no wonder she was all lost and lonely indoors !

RyukyuMike said...

Good to hear from you, again. It seems like the research, around here, never ends. Now, you have me wondering. What do they call a male, ladybug ?

Sumitran said...

Oh no ... I sincerely hope and trust that the male ladybug is not called to as a ‘ladyboy’ !!!!

RyukyuMike said...

Have to get back with you on that. Still researchin'!