Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wildlife Photo: Under the Bridge

Grey Heron in Flight

Wildlife Photography can be Challenging


Birds do the darndest things, sometimes, but, you have to shoot them anyway.

Then you get back, away from nature, and download the cameras to see what you've got.

Probably, 95% of the photos, you should throw away.

 Don't Expect to See too many Contest Winners


This feathered friend was an expert at ruining photo compositions.

Grey Herons show some beautiful colors when you catch them in flight with the right light.

That would be, with the sun shining behind you, over your shoulders.

Well, this rascal knew that and, didn't want to be photographed.

So, flying into the sun was what it kept doing.

Silhouette Photography is Always an Option


Firing  in continuous shooting mode, the bird was captured flying under the bridge.

The photo, to me, still isn't contest-worthy.

But, I'll share it here, just because it reminded me of a catchy tune, for a title.

Remember that Red Hot Chili Peppers song Under the Bridge ?

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