Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Photo: A Place on the East China Sea

What a day this has been.  Look at this gem we ran across in our travels today.

Picture some gals all dressed-up and dancing in traditional Okinawan kimonos out there.

Well, I've seen it plenty of times and always figured the location was on another island.

The problem is, I've been seeing it on karaoke video screens .

And, when I asked where it was, nobody could tell me.

It looks like some place far away.  Like maybe, Ishigaki island or, somewhere near China.

Well, it ain't.  It's right here, on this island and, it's sticking out there in the East China Sea.

There has to be a story about this place but, that will come eventually.

In other breaking news, I got this in an email, today:

 Emi Iwasaki, the winner of the million views contest sent me this photo.

The Panasonic Digital Photo Frame arrived in Tokyo and she hooked it up in her house.

Everything works and she can watch 170 photos of Okinawa, anytime.

She doesn't even have to turn the internet thing on ! 

See, I was worried about that package, I mailed, getting there.

The post office said it had to go by boat.

It sure is nice to know everything turned out alright.

Now, I have to go back to do some more of my research.

We found that castle-looking thing, right here in Okinawa.

But, still haven't figured where all those dancers, in kimonos went.

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