Friday, November 2, 2012

Blue to Grey with the Canon G12 Today

It started off looking like this today.  Blue skies, ya gotta love them.

We went to the big city and it was going to be the G12's last ride, with me.

Since I was going to trade her in for a newer model, I figured I'd take a few last shots.

That way I could show the camera salesman the thing still works.

He was all set to send my old friend off to be evaluated.

That was until he asked me, "Where's the charger?"


It was back in my office.


The big city is far away from where I live.  And we had other business to do.

That's about the time the skies started going grey.

We had to go to some 5 star hotel for a business meeting.

There was nobody in the resort hotel dressed like me and I felt, a little bit, out of place.

This couple seemed friendly enough so, I asked if I could take their picture.

Almost everybody else, in the room we went to was dressed in suits.

Shucks.  I thought my Marilyn Monroe t-shirt was sorta fancy.

And, I wore an almost new pair of yellow flip-flops and some slacks.

Probably, I should have put some socks on, and not been so casual.

It was nice to get out of there.

 Heading back up the west coast of Okinawa, the weather started changing.

It was windy and cloudy but, I always feel better outdoors.

 Grey skies don't stop people who love nature from going out there.

Some camera club was on the beach and they had big Canons.

They asked if it was alright to shoot me.  So, I said "Sure, as long as I can shoot you".

Then, when they weren't looking, I used my little Canon to take a few photos

 of them shooting each other.

If it wasn't for those people who came along in bright colors today, I'd have to say

It would have been a miserable day !

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