Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photography Tip: Wait for the Clouds

This straw roofed hut photo was taken Jul 22, 2012.

On Motubu Peninsula in the village of Gushiken, I was preparing for an upcoming festival.

The lighting, sun and shade splotches, wasn't what I'd normally want for a photo essay.

The photo was saved to show in a photo tip.

As a last resort, if I had to use this, I would have to HDR it.

 Really, I don't like playing around in front of a computer monitor, when I could be outdoors.

The solution, is to wait for passing clouds.

Here is the same hut, under cloudy skies Jul 25, 2012.

Notice the difference in the shadows and light.

Whenever I can, on bright sunny day with dark shadows in the scene, I wait for the clouds.

If there doesn't happen to be any, that day,  I go back to the scene on a cloudy day.

In travel photography, you don't always have the time to re-visit a scene.

But, if you notice blown highlights, you may have the luxury of passing clouds to assist you.

A quick peek, over your shoulder, at the sun will let you know if clouds are heading your way.

Or, let you know HDR is going to be required.

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