Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun with a Camera at Night Outside Castle Walls

Last night Map It Okinawa Dude and I got to Shuri Castle late.

We decided to shoot some photos from down below.

That's because, when they shut the gates, they lock them all.

But, there are plenty of places you can still go to outside castle walls.

We hiked around the pond and had fun shooting reflections.

Outside the castle there is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Named Sonohyan-Utaki, it is the stone gate to a sacred site, kings used to pray at.

The moon even peeked through the clouds for a few minutes and, I nabbed it in this photo.

After 10PM we figured it would be best to start going back down the hill and around the pond.

I was thinking, we'd be in a real jam, if the lights went out.

Along the way we stopped and took a few more reflection photos.

Now, today, I'm wondering what the rush was all about.  I checked the castle website.

And, here's what I just found out.

They keep the lights on outside until midnight !

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