Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flip-flops (シマ草履) Affordable Transportation

There's nothing like a pair of brand new yellow flip-flops.

Shima Zori ( シマ草履) is what the folks in Okinawa, Japan call them.

They are my main means of transportation.  I'll bet I go through a dozen pairs a year.

Even with the inflated prices we pay these days, they are affordable.

It costs 500 yen to get in a taxi and go around the block.

My Shima Zori only cost 380 yen.  Hah !  That's what I call affordable.

The weather turned yesterday and I didn't get to shoot the cameras outdoors.

So, here's what I did.

The idea, sorta came from those Smiley Face people.

I just don't want them coming after me so, I made my own versions.

If you were thinking of borrowing them, don't.

They have copyright © 2012 Ryukyu Life embedded in them.

We could work out a deal, I suppose, if you really need one.

What I was thinking of doing, is using them as symbols for travelers reading my blog.

People should know if the places I go are flip-flop friendly, or not.

Especially, if they are going around in affordable transportation, like I do.

NOTE: Shima Zori (シマ草履) or, flip-flops come in many colors.

Yellow ones are just easier to find when you lose one in the jungle.

Plus, I think, they make you stand out in a crowd.

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