Monday, February 1, 2016

10 Images Prior to Kin Town's Sakura Matsuri

Let's Call It a Sakura Report



There will be a Kin Dam Matsuri held this coming weekend in this location.

Plenty of nature activities are planned for those with families and, that's a good thing.

cherry blossoms, tree, stem, buds, blue sky

In case anyone's wondering, a matsuri happens to be a festival, in Japanese.

Instead of watching snow fall, folks around here, enjoy viewing sakura, this time of year.

cherry tree, branches, flowers, sky

The pink flowers in photo #1 are the same ones you see in photo #2.

It just took me awhile, maneuvering around with 420MM of lens, to take the first shot.

fence,cherry trees, sidewalk, roadway, greenery

Both sides of the road, leading towards Kin Dam, are lined with these sakura trees.

So, I looked closely for the pink, red and white flower blossoms. 

cherry blossoms,buds, twigs, flowers

 Driving an automobile, you might not notice any flowers blooming.

That's why, it's a good idea to walk.  Say, "Yeah, there's one, over there!" if you spot some.

That's what I do, anyway.  And, take pictures.

sakura, blossoms, buds, flowers
Everywhere the festivals are scheduled, this year, it seems, someone jumped the gun.

The flowers are blooming a week or two, after the events have started.

tree branch, flower, blossoms and buds

It makes me wonder.  Who plans these events, the dam people or the weatherman ?

Flowers, listen to Mother Nature and, blossom when it's the right time.

They don't necessarily follow the city office plans or, the calendar.

tree branches, cherry blossoms

Maybe, what they really need is some sort of Nature Guru, to schedule these things.

That way, you could have flower festivals, when the things are blooming !

pink blossoms, flowers, vertical composition, branch,buds

On weekends, where nothing else is happening, hold chug-a-lug contests.

Barbecuing and drinking beer is more fun than, watching flowers, anyway !

cherry tree, sakura, flowers

Providing the weather cooperates, this festival should be fun, even without flowers.

The live band performing, has some of my friends playing onstage.

So, guaranteed, I'll be there to support them and, have a few drinks with the gang.

barren trees, sakura,Kin Dam, roadway

Leaving the area, I looked back and, took this shot with Kin Dam in the background.

And, I said, "Dam."


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