Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flower Photos: Fields of Cosmos in Igei Okinawa

Good for People with Brown Thumbs



These made the Top 10 Easy Plants to grow from seeds, EZ from Seed Org, tells me.

Researching the flowers was almost as much fun as photographing them, today.

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 For the unfortunates, living in snow country, I took a few snaps with the camera.

Visit  when the spring thaw comes and,  you can learn how to grow your own.

fields, Cosmos, flowers, students, children, teachers

 It was a great day, for teachers, to let their little students loose in the sunshine today.

There are acres and acres of those pink, white, yellow and red flowers blooming.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, you can grow these things, just about anywhere. 

teacher, students, children, flowers, field

 They say, these plants originated in dry country of Mexico and there are 20 varieties.

I have news for them.  These flowers are thriving, in rice paddies.

We must have the breed, that loves lots of water !

close-up, Cosmos, flowers

To avoid, getting people, moving through the scene, I took this close-up shot.

The word Cosmos, comes from Greek and, means Balanced Universe.

They told me that at, The Flower Expert and, this, too:

There's a Cosmos astrosanguinea that smells like vanilla chocolate.  Yum !

flowers, Cosmos, fields

If you are thinking about growing your own Cosmos, I have a link for you.

Learn all about cosmos at the Burpee Seed Company, they are experts, in my opinion.

Did you know, you can even buy Burpless Cucumber seeds there, too ?


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