Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Attractive Looking Island Restaurant

Looks Like a Fixer Upper



On my second day of the Lunar Calendar, I visited Kouri-jima.

This restaurant had caught my eye, several times but, I had never entered the place before.

shack, 2 story,cafe and restaurant, Kouri-jima, island

Most people would figure, a fine establishment like this, might be a tourist trap.

Heck, it's right off the beach, as you enter the island by bridge.

It was so cold, this morning, I had worn socks with my flip-flops, leaving home.

But, by the time, we got to Kouri-jima, the socks were tucked away, in my back pocket.

It turned out, to be a beautiful, sunny day and, my toes needed some tanning.

lasagna, rice, cheese, bowl

Nowhere, on any island, have I ever seen lasagna and rice on a menu in this lifetime.

It was ordered, delivered and partially eaten, when I realized, I forgot to take a ;photo.

Anyway, now you can see the texture, a little better.  It was yummy and, hot.

Lasagna-wise, it was sorta "meh" but, it helped kill my appetite so, I guess that was good.

The price was around twelve bucks or so.  That seemed a bit on the costly side.

What the heck, lunacy is alright, when you're celebrating the Lunar New Year, I guess.

Up on the Second Floor


That's where you're seated for dining, on the veranda, overlooking the beach.

If you have to go pee, that's downstairs and, I checked it out.

Long, sloping stairs, embedded with seashells, lead the way up and down.

In the restrooms, they even have showers, in case you came from the beach, all sandy.

Not needing a shower, I didn't check, to see if it was free or, you have to pay.

The stuff I did, didn't cost a dime and, I was back in my seat, before the meal showed up.

Usually, I'm not crazy about pricey foods but, I'll probably go back here again, sometime.

The food, doesn't have to be all that great.  Atmosphere, is what you're really paying for.

Plus, I forgot to count the steps.  That's important, for lots of people, to know.

Some people, have step-o-phobia and, want to know things like that.

Now, I could, take all the grandchildren over there and let them, count the stairs.

But, if I bought them, each an ice cream cone, for counting steps, it'd cost me a fortune.

They'd all come back with different counts and, be arguing, while I lose 20 bucks.

So, I should go climb the stairs and, count them myself, for accuracy, I guess.

The place is called, Cafe and Restaurant Yoshika

And, you can visit them on Facebook

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