Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grabbing a Burger at 50's Cafe from California

New Improved Location



Lots of my foodie friends were disappointed when the old hamburger shack closed down.

At a busy intersection along the highway, there was very limited parking available.

Sonovagun if they didn't pack-up and, move into a big shopping mall !

Don Quijote, shopping center, Uruma, storefront, ドン・キホーテ
The 50's Cafe is now located in the Uruma City Don Quijote store.  Yay !

Several hundred cars can probably fit in the parking lot, over there.

That would be a great place to send somebody shopping, while you get to go eat.

hamburgers, menu, kitchen, prices
 The owner and his wife let me shoot anything, I wanted to, in the place.

So, I thought it would be nice to let everyone see what the joint looks like.

50's Cafe, interior, front counter

 It's a little bit tricky, taking photos without any people in the scene.

Who wants to be bothered by a cameraman when they're eating ?

burgers, 100% beef,restaurant, cafe

After placing my order, I ran all around the place with the tripod and camera.

Every few minutes, I had to run outside, to get the GPS, turned back on.

sign, 50's Cafe, store

Beyond this sign, is the tax free shopping center, which I, kept out of just, because.

Some people might enjoy shopping.  They should go in there; not me.

Chesterfield cigarettes, sign, Dodge, advertisement, antique

Remember the 1950's ?  Men were men and women were ladies, back in the old days.

Smoking was good and, they even had 2-way cigarettes.

Chesterfield was the best one for you, according to this sign.  Hah !

And, if you go for the big, strong, silent type --  Hop into a Dodge.  Oops: 1963 Dodge.

management sign, ordering, chili cheeseburger, onion, pickles

This sign, in English and Japanese, is for fussy customers.

Most people, around here, just trust the chef, to feed them, whatever is right.

If they want to "have it their way" they should go to another country to eat, I think.

Cafe sign, hours of operation, burger images

The sign says, "Burgers The Way They Should Be" and, I take their word for it.

It's a good thing, I don't run the place.  I'd tell fussy customers to "Git."

But, the mom and pop, that run this joint are real nice people.

 Probably, it wouldn't be a good idea to complain about anything, while I'm in there.

movie star, photos, posters, 1950's, beer

Somebody from Jehovah's Witnesses business tried inviting me to an event.

Being, the polite person I am, the best thing to do was say, " Sorry, I'm busy that day."

Then, I got far away, in the corner and, shot some movie star's photos.

iced tea, fries, bacon and cheese burger

This was what I had for lunch yesterday and it was scrumptious.

After all that work, taking photos and, telling a fib to the holy people, I was starved.

Restaurants are where people go to eat and, I love this one.

People can practice whatever religion they want and talk to any god, they feel like.

It just isn't a good idea to try and convert me when, I'm waiting for my chow.  Amen.

 Website: Don Quijote

Directions and Map Courtesy of Goya Republic

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