Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese New Year's Day - A Visit to an Outer Island

Happy Lunar New Year!



A Quick trip to Hamahiga-jima was made with the camera today.

Map It Okinawa dude and I wanted to see if anything unusual was going on. 

fishing boats, flags, banners, port

Boats were all decked out with flags and banners at some fishing ports.

Not sure if we had missed an important cultural event, we went around asking questions.

It appears, tomorrow morning the boats will be blessed and, do some sailing.

trees, ropes, colored streamers, sacred site, stairs

 This is the trail leading to Shirumichu (シルミチュー) a sacred site.

It's been a few years since we last visited this spot so, we climbed up the stairs.

Bright colored streamers were strung on the ropes along the way.

stairs, streamers, torri, sacred site

In the heat of summer, I don't feel like climbing up all those stairs.

Today, it was sunny and cool outside so, up I went to take some photos.

young ladies, stairs, streamers, torii gate, ropes

Noticing the young ladies, coming up the stairs, I stopped.

Pretending I was taking photos, I let them pass by me so, I could rest.

Depending on where, you search, there are either 100 or, 108 steps, to climb.

Now, I'll have to go back and, hike up there again, to count them for everybody.


See, I really don't like cussing, lying or, climbing stairs but we'll getterdun,  next time.

cave,candles, lights, pottery,altar

The gals took off their shoes, put on slippers and, went into the cave.

Most of the time, the cave entrance, is locked and, you can't go in there. 

So, after the gals exited, I squinched my feet into these tiny slippers and, went to have a look. 

Standing at the entrance, I pointed the camera down and, got this shot.

Special places like this, are where some people worship and perform rituals.

So, I don't want to mess things up being sacrilegious or, anything like that.

They say, some women, go in there praying for fertility.  Don't look at me.

See, I'm just an old cameraman and, I don't like climbing stairs.

Now, you know, what I did for the Lunar New Year.

More about this site, including directions, can be found at Map It Okinawa

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