Friday, February 19, 2016

Okinawa's Cherry Blossom Season Will Soon Be Over

Flowers,leaves, cherry

A quick trip to the south of the island was made today, checking out the sakura blossoms.

 In the northern areas, pink flower petals are falling to the ground.

 Once the green leaves appear, flowers begin to disappear.

The image above, was taken in the hills of Yaese, where the Sakura Matsuri was held FEB 7th.

cherry tree, pink blossoms, fence

A good place to visit, right now is the back side of Yogi Park in Naha.

While it may not be in full bloom, some great photo opportunities still exist.

The next, big flower festival, to look forward to, will be the Higashi Village Azalea Festival.

That one, depending on Mother Nature, takes place, sometime during the month of March.

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