Saturday, February 18, 2017

Four Leaf Clover - It Found Me

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Yotsuba no Kuroba (よつばのクローバー) in Japanese

If I had been looking for a four leafed clover, I wouldn't have found this.

Out back, getting some fresh air and nicotine therapy, I was sitting on a concrete block.

Today I didn't feel like, pumping concrete weights over my head.

Looking at green, helps relax the eyes if, you've been staring at computer monitors.

My eyes were relaxed, the cigarette ran out on me and, I started heading back to the office.

That's when I saw it.  The first four leaf clover, I ever found in my life.

Maybe, it was trying to say "Pick me. Pick me."  

I grabbed it even though, it wasn't in my garden.  Mrs. Yamashiro, won't mind.

She's always telling me to pick some of her vegetables and, take them home.

Probably, won't notice one four leaf clover, turned up missing.

fingers and clover in front of a mirror

Once inside, I experimented with a few different compositions with the leaf.

It's hard to tell, that's me and the clover in front of a mirror and, I'm shooting the Pentax.

My fingernail, should give you an idea of the lucky leaf's size.

Clover in vegetable garden

When enough photos were taken, I started feeling guilty and, took the thing back.

It's in the center of this image, just about where it originally came from.

That's not the end of the story.  Next, I did my research and, learned a lot more.


Causing Me to Go Back and Find It Again !



These clovers are so rare, you're supposed to eat the thing if, you find one.

A genie will show up and, give you three wishes, which must be used within the year.

They are so rare, only one in 10,000 clovers develop with four leaves.  Dang.

You can read all about them at Wikipedia if, you believe those folks.

More about four leaf clovers in Japan, was discovered in JAPANREFERENCE.

Another, fortunate find today, was Hanakotoba. I'm bookmarking this one.

In Japan, you can give someone a flower, not talk and, they'll get the meaning.

Certain flowers mean love, longing, sex, truth, respect, faith, shy or, whatnot.

Well, just like many other places, the four leaf clover means, "Lucky."

So, I ran back and swiped the clover from the garden, again. I have a plan.

It got straightened out on a white background and wrapped in wax paper.

It will be given to someone special, in Japan, for good luck.

Checkout Wikipedia's Hanakotoba and, learn the language of flowers.

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