Thursday, February 2, 2017

Animation: As the Sushi Goes By


Conveyor Belt Sushi

A couple of "firsts" happened to me today and, here's a GIF showing one of them.

Two of the loves in my life, brought me here, while we were waiting for something.

They happen to be a daughter and the wife, for those with curious minds.

The other "first" was an iPhone 7 plus that got added to my inventory.

The phone company had to download my android and, it would take awhile.

The new gadget is in my pocket and, the old one replaced the wife's antique flip phone.

Excuse me if, it seems like I'm in a hurry but, I have to get out of the office.

It seems, the gals, dropped me off and, I don't have the iPhone charger.

The idea, is to run home and, get this new gadget fired-up so, I can get back online.

Knowing, I'll have to teach the wife, her phone, while learning how to use mine, I'll be busy.

For those, who can't wait for a review of this outstanding sushi bar, look HERE.

More later...

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