Monday, February 27, 2017

Travel Photos: Outer Island Art and Seafood

Mermaid feeding baby, island, sea art

Cameras Only Used Indoors

On a beautiful, sunny day, business took us to the south and east on Okinawa, today.

It was almost 2PM by the time I snapped, this first picture.

The primary mission, was to do some shopping on Chinen Peninsula.

Some people, asked me to pick up Okinawan Folk Stories if, I could find any for sale.

Inside the souvenir shop in Nanjo City, I was lucky enough to discover five of them on a shelf. 

Just in case, someone else might need a copy, I purchased took four of them.

Two, are already promised to those who were smart enough, to contact me.

The remainder I hold on to, until some high bidders come along and, they'll get sold.

When's the Sanguacha Came Next

For those who don't know, Sanguacha is a festival, held annually on Henza Island.

It's an unusual sort of, off the main road event, worth seeing and, I wasn't sure of the dates .

The entire matsuri, covers about 3 days but, the best part will happen March 31st this year.

Adventurous sorts of people, walk at low tide, to perform some rituals offshore on some rocks.

My body, has plenty of adventures already. I just go to see my sweethearts.

Seafood, salad, fries, eggs

Ikei Island Was the Last Stop 

While waiting for our order, I walked over and took the photo of the mermaid.

That's when I announced to Doc, "This is the first photo, I shot today."

The image, doesn't show the whole meal. Rice, soup and another salad, came too.

That meal was so large, I couldn't eat it all. And, it was only about seven bucks !

It was time to head home, before I realized, only 3 photos had been taken, all day.

The last one was an image of scarecrows, hanging on the wall.

There's no sense in scaring people so, I'll save that for some other time.

Should you ever get hungry while visiting Ikei Island, don't pass this place up.

It's the restaurant at Ikei Beach and, prices are unbeatable.

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