Saturday, February 4, 2017

2 Million Views -- In Less Than One Year

Screenshot from Google Maps 2 Million Views of photos

Email from Google Maps

Truthfully, I can't remember if, this started in March or April of 2016.

About once a week the Google Map dudes, send me an email, concerning my photos.

This time, they say over two million folks, have looked at my photos of Okinawa.

It would be nice if, each one of them, donated a dime, yuan or yen but, they don't.

They are mostly travelers, looking for places to visit and eat. Sometimes, they're lost.

They look at smartphones and, get directions from Google Maps.

Screenshot Level 5 Local Guide, Google Maps

Local Guide

They call me a Local Guide for Okinawa and the job is real easy, for me.

Whenever I travel around the islands, cameras go with me so, I do lots of shooting.

Major attractions, off the main roads, bars and restaurants, are my subjects.

After posting photos to Google Maps, I write a quick review about the site.

Travelers can ask questions about the place and, I'll give a simple answer.

"Do they have happy hour? Are pets allowed? Is the place wheelchair accessible?"

Online, each morning, I hit the answer blocks, with a "Yes, No or, I don't know."

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I got some silly questions.

"Do they have a fireplace here?"

It's a good thing, they don't let me say, what I'd really like to because, I'd get in trouble.

"Where are you asking this question from, ANOTHER PLANET?"

Anyhow, I decided to keep doing this local guide stuff for awhile longer.

It must have taken 5 years to get that many views on this blog !

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