Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Finally Somebody Came Along with a Lifetime Warranty Umbrella

Windjammer Umbrella in a rock garden,Okinawa

Windjammer® Is the Name of This Model

There must be half a dozen broken, twisted umbrellas, I've been saving.

We get some pretty wicked rain and winds in Okinawa and, I don't like getting wet.

When a typhoon comes along and wrecks my umbrella, it ruins my attitude.

But, I keep the busted things in a collection, for future use, as models.

Don't you think, that would be an interesting subject ?

A bunch of different colored umbrellas, all mangled together, supporting each other.

Next I Want to Become a Test Pilot

I got this idea, when the rain stopped, just about the time, I wanted some.

They claim, this gadget has been tested in some sort of win tunnel.

People in Portland, Oregon are the designers for this rain gear.

And, they are like experts on rain because, it rains a lot over there, I'm told.

So, I plan on writing to, whoever the Windjam Dude might be and, make him an offer.

Typhoon season will be on our island shortly so, we have to hurry a bit.

Here's the deal, Mr. Windjam - A free test pilot is volunteering.

A few of my friends are crazy enough to video, me walking in the rain during a storm.

If, these umbrellas can handle it, we could sell plenty of them for you.

screenshot of 62" umbrella, black

62" Is a Huge Umbrella

This model is large enough to shelter three, normal-sized people and probably, more.

Suppose a bunch of young ladies, decided to accompany me, for whatever reason.

That way, you wouldn't have to worry about, me getting carried away by a typhoon.

We would all squeeze and hang on tightly together, for safety.

Ryukyu Mike and an open umbrella, waiting for rain

Waiting Patiently

Until the rain starts pouring down and high winds come along, I'll be patiently waiting. 

Let me know if, you're interested in selling these umbrellas to my friends.

Or, was that just a joke, the part about the lifetime warranty ?

Checkout the ShedRain Website

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