Monday, February 20, 2017

Travel Photos: Seseragi Waterfall in Tomigusuku Okinawa

Small waterfall near a large city

Once A Beautiful Nature Attraction

It's usually a pleasure, finding spots like this to show the world, through photography.

This gem was captured, riding along with the Map It Okinawa dude, last month.

Google Maps, asked me for a review because, they know, everywhere I go.

Tiled-roof building overlooking waterfall, benches, fence and railings

There's a cozy, little building on the hill, overlooking the waterfall.

It took a bit of trick-photography, to make this place, look attractive to travelers.

There is a small park, across the street, which appears to be maintained.

Back in 2015 the city of Tomigusuku, held a Lantern Festival at this location.

The waterfall and, this building are now Off Limits and, not maintained for visitors.

Who knows ?  Maybe, there's a ghost hanging around !

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