Sunday, March 5, 2017

Travel Agent Academy Kept Me Busy Today

American Airlines Vacations Specialist, certificate

American Airlines Vacations Specialist

Motivation to complete this course, I owe to a friend of mine, who got upset while traveling.

The Travel Agent Academy had been offering this course but, I wasn't interested.

The main reason being, I don't see any of their planes flying over Okinawa.

But, once I heard complaints from a buddy, I figured these folks needed some looking into.

Now, I can sneak around, places where most people can't go, over there. Hah !

Travel Insurance -  Another Thing Worth Checking

Some of the wicked stories, I've heard about travelers getting stuck, made me wonder.

Wouldn't it be neat if, somebody had to pay for inconveniences that happen while traveling ?

Allianz Global Assistance Specialist, certificate

Suppose you fell off a camel, over in Egypt or, broke your foot in Okinawa.

A vacation could be ruined just because, something cut your trip short. Groan.

In the Global Assistance Program, I learned all kinds of things I never heard of before.

Less than 30% of travelers, buy insurance for their trips 'cuz, they figure they don't need it. 

Along Comes the What If's

Stuff like, what if, you have a medical emergency, while in a foreign country.

Getting medical evacuation or, emergency services could cost thousands of dollars.

Or, what if, somebody back home croaks and, you need to cut vacation short ?

How about, you paid for a cruise and, the company goes bankrupt ?

Allianz Global Assistance Advanced, course, certificate

There's so many things covered by this insurance, I had to learn more.

These folks get you assistance and cash money when you need it so, you don't have to worry.

They have a global network and translators on standby 24/7, to handle your needs.

So, I plan on keeping in contact with them for a couple of reasons.

Once, when I was in Mexico, I got drunk and fell off a donkey. Other stuff, too.

And, should I ever visit the USA again, I want top-notch coverage, just in case.

Supposing they build a wall. I'll visit Mexico and, may have some trouble getting back.

It would be terrible. Maybe, I could ask these folks if, they'd help me buy a ladder !

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