Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sashiba (サシバ) The Raptor in Flight

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle flying in Okinawa, Japan

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle

This bird is known locally as a Sashiba. Scientific name: Butastur indicus.

They migrate from northern territories and winter in Okinawa.

Normally the birds reside here from November to March and, they are nice to have around.

Raptors, are birds of prey with sharp, hooked beaks that shred meat and, sharp talons.

They swoop down and grab snakes, rats, mice, bugs, and other pests.

This is a fairly large one, that hangs around a field, about 15 minutes walk, from my office.

Now, that I know where he hunts, I may be spending the rest of the month, watching.

It would be my pleasure, to capture a photo of this guy, grabbing and eating a mongoose!

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