Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's Easy to Animate a Little Pecker

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, GIF

First You Have to Find One

Little peckers are common in Japan, anywhere from Okinawa to Hokkaido.

They are also found throughout parts of Asia, such as China and Korea.

When you spot one like this, don't make any noises and sneak as close as you can to it.

A tripod is recommended but, you could steady the camera on a rock or, tree limb.

The bird was busy, pulling wood out of a dead tree probably, to nest in. Sawdust was flying.

Take Plenty of Photos

There are seven images, I used to create this GIF but, I probably shot fifty of this bird today.

If, you don't have a Google Photo account, get one; it's free.

To make one of these animated GIF's in less than five minutes, here's all you have to do:

1. Upload to your Photo account

2. When the upload is complete, refresh your browser

3. Next, hit CREATE, it's just to the left of the UPLOAD button

4. A window drops down and gives you choices Create new Animation, is what you want

5. Select the images you want to use in the animation

6. Checkmarks will appear on the selected photos. Hit CREATE and, you're done


Most of the animations I create will have from 5-9 images, sized at 800 pixels wide.

Before downloading animations, I check the info feature on Google Photos.

To keep GIF's from being over 3 million bytes, don't add excess photos to the animation.

If you use Twitter or, just post them on a website, you don't want humongous files.

Brenna the Google Photos expert is the one to ask if, you want to learn more.

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