Thursday, March 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Laugh and Dance

Silly cutout in a shopping center located in Koza, Okinawa, Japan

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

The weather guru, stretched the truth a bit today and, it caught me off guard.

It was supposed to be cloudy and overcast all day long. So, I stayed at the office.

Miserable weather, doesn't mean people have to be miserable, too.

When they predict a lousy day I try and shake it off, by doing something nice.

On the way to work, I plan on making at least three people smile.

Some, I just say "Good morning" to and, others "Merry Christmas."

Smile, when you greet someone and, most times, they'll smile back at you.

Half a dozen smiles, makes even the worst of days, a little brighter. I got five today.

About 4:30 this afternoon, the sun shined for a good while but, I didn't get out much.

While out back, getting some fresh air, I noticed some birds and ran for the camera.

A total of two images were taken. One bird and one flower, I'll save for another day.

This is the first time, I've posted a (TBT) Throwback Thursday image.

We were in an old, dying shopping mall, which is probably a ghost town nowadays.

Humongous shopping centers, have sort of killed, all the little marketplaces, these days.

They may have outlawed, cutouts such as this one, for tourists to pose behind. Who knows ?

I thought that outfit was fabulous. And, look at my fingernails. Gorgeous, eh ?

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