Friday, March 3, 2017

Good - Bad - Ugly: Wild Bird Photography

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) in flight, vegetation


It's good, when you can catch a Grey Heron in flight, with a wooded background.

They are some nicely colored birds and, put on a great display of feathers.

bird, Northern Shoveler, feeding in water

Catching the Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) feeding is good, too.

When the light, hits them just right, you get cool, contrasting colors.

Black-faced Spoonbill, endangered species

Getting a Black-faced Spoonbill to pose, is better than good, it's great !

These birds are an endangered species and, migrate here for the winter months.


The bad part is waiting for these birds, to move into the right position, for a decent photo.

It takes patience, moving around and sometimes, cropping the image to make it presentable.

Family Mart container, bird, teal, Anas crecca

It's pretty bad, when careless individuals throw their trash in the water.

Here's a picture of a bird known as a teal and, a Family Mart drink container. Groan.

Don't run off yet, I saved the worst part for last. This photo was taken during high tide.

So, only the stuff that floats on the water, would make bird photography challenging.


For about the past four years, I have visited this location and, not much has changed.

It's best to visit during high tide or, shoot the birds when, they're in the air.

Birds living among human garbage

Otherwise, you may capture a scene like this one. Call it a wildlife and garbage picture.

Once, a magazine in Europe was willing to publish my first impression of this wetland.

But, I decided it wouldn't be such a nice thing, for a travel writer, to do.

The mission of a travel writer should be, to make people want to visit here, not avoid the place.

And, I don't want the folks, living around here to get upset with me. Shucks.

Recently, I discovered this is a historical landmark. Google Maps, asked for a review.

So, I told them, what I thought and, let the bird watchers know, when it's best to visit.

It's the Triangle Pond of the Rice (与根の三角池) for those Japanese history buffs.

Regular tourists or nature lovers, might not show much interest in going here.

Who cares ?

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