Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pass this Trick on to Friends with Noses

Unopened Pink and blue tissue boxes

Getting One Tissue Out of a New Box

Don't you just hate, trying to get the first tissue out of a new box ?

The perforated lid seems easy enough to get off, using a fingernail, for most of us.

Hand taking tissues out of a brand new box

It's the part, where your fingers go into the box, that drives most of us loony.

The pink tissue box, I'll use to demonstrate how, not to grab that first tissue.

Hand pulling several tissues from new box

Depending on how stubby your fingers are, you might get a dozen, on the first tug.

Maybe, folks with long fingernails, only snag a few.  But, one or two, was all they needed.

Here's How to Do It the Right Way

Poking a finger into center of tissue box

Use one finger, to poke down into the center of the tissue box, as hard as you want to.

It will compress all the tissues in the box and, sort of create a vacuum.

When, you pull your finger back out, air rushes in and, gets under the first few tissues.

Fingers pulling one tissue from box

Now, when you reach in there, it's possible to yank, only one tissue out of the box.

Hopefully, the Yu-Ru-Animal-PIKO people, won't mind my teaching you this trick.

One tissue comes out of the box

Try it the next time, you open a brand new tissue box and, let me know if, it works for you.

Only share this tip with good friends and family. I don't want the tissue people coming after me.

And, I'm pretty sure, nobody wants them to start pumping more air into the tissue boxes !

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