Monday, March 20, 2017

Flower Photos: 2017 Azalea Festival Higashi Village Okinawa

Azalea Bridge During Flower Matsuri

First Day of Spring

There were heavy clouds and some sprinkles of rain in the hills of Okinawa today.

But, that doesn't keep nature loving people of the island, from getting out for a matsuri.

Bright ping azalea flowers

Rather than, shoot photos of people with umbrellas, I did some zooming with the lens.

Climbing the walkways through this hillside, was some exercise my body needed.

Pink and white flowers in thick bunches, azaleas

Some of those blossoms, give off a strong scent, I can't really describe. Let's see.

Well, they smelled lots better than, some of the perfume, on the gals walking around. Hah !

Pink, red, white flowers in a rock garden

If, the sky would have cleared, photos with blue sky, would have been taken.

That wasn't going to happen until, long after I, headed back to my office.

White and red azalea blossoms

Before long, I noticed something. There were only three colors of flowers.

Red, pink and white. Don't they have orange, purple or yellow ones, they could plant ?

Red azaleas

It was nice, to be out in the fresh air and, climbing hills but, sort of a wet day.

Suddenly, I got an idea. "Maybe, people want to see the skyline."

Lots of folks might be thinking. "This is boring, show us the sky."

For Those Not So Crazy About Flowers


A decision was made, to go out of my way and, present something different, today.

I told my friend Doc Graff, sometimes folks like to see crappy weather. Not me.

Sky, ocean and rocks on an overcast day in Okinawa

Here's the view, from the azalea festival, I got while facing Okinawa's east coast.

It doesn't exactly lure visitors to the island for beach parties or swimming.

Barbecued pork ribs in yakisoba

We got down off the hill and, stopped at a tent for some festival food, just in time.

It was a first, for me, eating this variation of Yakisoba. First time, in a lifetime.

Barbecued pork ribs (soki) on a pile of yakisoba. Mouthwateringly delicious, it was.

It was a tad more expensive than, normal matsuri food. About 10 bucks or, 1000 yen.

Would I go back there and, eat a meal like that again?  YUP !

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