Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography Tips: Where to Get Published

Posting your photos on the social networks will get them noticed by friends and family. Maybe, hundreds of people will view them.
But, having your best photography posted in an online magazine or popular blog will get them seen by millions of viewers, around the globe. Today’s Photography Tip: GET PUBLISHED ONLINE and here are Five of My Favorite Sites for having my photo essays shown:
1. ApogeePhotoMag
2. BootsNall
3. Go Backpacking
4. Go Nomad
5. Matador Network
What inspired this post was the photo I’ve posted above. I was looking for it in one of my galleries today (quite disorganized) and couldn’t find it. I knew it had been published recently at Apogee Photo so I went there to see if I had posted camera specs showing the date it had been taken. I was blown away by the number of views on the article.

That particular photo, I never would have thought of submitting for publication. A writer and an editor selected it and if they hadn’t, it’d still be collecting digital dust somewhere!

All five of these sites have published my work, some several times.

Photography Tip for today: Visit these sites and get your photography published!


Unknown said...

Nice tip... and perhaps also a good place to see a wide range of very different, but interesting photographic styles?

RyukyuMike said...

True, I spend plenty of time checking out other's photography. It gives you an appreciation for their style and perspective.
I'm always learning something new by watching the work of other photographers.