Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Photo: Okinawan Dance with Pretty Girls and Some Ugly Ones, too.

It started off being a real bad day today. I was heading to Shuri Castle for the second time in a week. Supposedly, I was going to take some shots of a friend's mother playing a Japanese harp.
It rained all day. The event took place on a porch of the castle. The people playing their instruments were tucked away in a dark corner of the stage. The spectators were seated in a tent in the rain! I wasn't exactly what you'd call Wu Hu Hu happy about the situation. Not until.....

                                    THE PRETTY OKINAWAN DANCERS SHOWED UP !!!

They were mostly beautiful women. There were a few ugly ones, too. I'm not joking or trying to be mean. Some of them are supposed to be ugly and they played their parts well. So, I took photos of the pretty ones and the ugly ones, mostly the pretty ones, though. There are really no ugly women here so, in order to make themselves ugly, pretty ones had to wear masks. It was a classical dance called Shundo which tells the story of how pretty, but cold-hearted women and not so pretty, but warm-hearted women influenced the culture of Okinawa. I just developed the pretty Okinawan dancers today, I'll get around to showing the ugly ones later.....

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