Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guinness World Record Taco Rice Recipe: Photo Essay

Making World Record Taco Rice is a community effort. You could do what I'm showing in photos on a much smaller scale. Cover your coffee table with plastic wrap and have some friends pitch-in for a Super Bowl Party, maybe. You won't break any Guinness Records but, you won't go hungry either!

The exact measurements you won't get here for a couple of reasons.
1. Somebody will try and break Kin Village's Guinness World Record, for sure. Even if ya waterboard me, I ain't talkin'. I live here.

2. My ears hear things about as well as a rock so, when the speakers blared out "Kilos" I thought they were talking about "Helos" like Mr. Guinness, or somebody was gonna land in a helicopter.

This isn't exactly a Betty Crocker (She still around?) recipe; just estimate how many friends you have coming over and throw in as many kilos as you think it takes and maybe add a few more. Just look at my visual recipe and add the ingredients to suit your taste.

Steamed rice is the first layer. You probably could get by using a putty knife instead of a paddle.

Cover the rice with your favorite blend of meat and  taco sauce. Trowel it over nice and smooth.

Load the next layer up with shredded cheese. Kinda like lasanga but cheddar works best, I think.

Pile on the shredded lettuce and spread it around to cover all the cheese. You could get away without wearing a mask if everyone promises not to sneeze. Hats and cameras are optional.

Fresh tomato slices top the whole thing off. It's ready to eat. You could have the whole thing done before the Super Bowl Pre-Game finishes and enough left after the Super Bowl Party to feed the cleanup crew.

If you really want to try breaking the Guinness World Record for Taco Rice keep checking HERE and find out what it takes to be a winner. They'll even give you an application. Have fun !


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