Monday, November 8, 2010

An Ugly Girl in Okinawa (Photo)

OK, Here she is, one of the Ugly Girls I took a picture of yesterday at Shuri Castle. I'm not trying to be cruel by calling her ugly. This is culture here. It's serious business.

I'm learning all about Okinawa's Classic Dances and I'm doing it the hard way.

Besides getting pictures of all the stuff, I'm even reading and asking people who know what they're talking about for some straight answers.

Here's a quote from some material the Shurijo Castle Park Management Center gave me titled, DANCES OF THE RYUKYU KINGDOM  under the heading Shundo:
"In classical dances, this is the only pair dance or uchikumi odori and the only dance in which masks are worn.
This humorous story played by beautiful but cold-hearted women and unattractive but warm-hearted women influenced the future of Okinawan drama."

Anyone who's been following this blog for more than a few days knows about the TROUBLE I got into when I got caught lying about Okinawan Dancers. So, now I'm real careful about what I say and verify everything to the nth degree.

It looks like I'll be going to lots of dance classes before I'm an expert on all eleven of the classics. Don't worry, I won't be turning into a Twinkle Toes or anything like that. I'm not doing the dances, just taking pictures and getting the facts.

There are really no ugly girls in Okinawa, maybe, a few unattractive ones but, they're wearing masks.

Have you got any Ugly Girls like Ugly Betty living in your neighborhood?


lilypond said...

Magic! And you know what I mean. Fascinating story and the picture...!! wow

RyukyuMike said...

Thank you. Not my best photography you know. I'm saving the best for.... well, you know!

Unknown said...

Of never know... perhaps the mask is what they look like when they're not doing the dance? Food for thought.

RyukyuMike said...

Hear hear, it; the pretty one with the cold heart you have to worry about !