Monday, February 21, 2011

Wildlife: Five Quick Osprey and Fish Photos From A Dam

Here are five quick photos of an ospery taking home a fresh water fish from a dam in Okinawa, Japan.

Most of the osprey photos I post are of them grabbing fish from the ocean but, these guys will eat any kind of fish.

I promised I'd get you a shot where the sun lights up both the fish and bird's eyes but, that hasn't happened, yet.

These things take time and getting the critters to pose for you where the sun hits them just right can be a challenge.

The location I caught these photos of the osprey and fish at will remain a secret for two reasons.

One, I couldn't remember the Japanese name and Googled/Wikipeiad it and everything and it doesn't appear to be listed.

The other reason could have something with me not wanting anyone else going there and scaring all the wildlife away!

This morning I got tangled up with three dogs I was walking and someone else's unsupervised dog who wanted to fight. Knocked flat on my butt in the middle of the street, fur was flying, my shoes went flying and I was a cussing-tangled mess of leashes getting my "roids" scraped off, going down the asphalt highway. Everybody, 'cept, maybe the unsupervised dog is OK.

I'm just doing a Five Quick Osprey and Fish Photo post because I have to go home, walk the dogs, clean cameras, charge batteries and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow 'cept, maybe leave out the part about getting drug down the highway by angry dogs.

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