Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travel Photo Thursday: UNESCO Castle Nakajin: A New Angle

Here is UNESCO World Heritage Site: Nakajin-jo (Castle) in Okinawa, Japan from a new angle.  This will be my weekly submission to LadyExpat's Budget Travelers Sandbox.

Last night, I got in a rush and thought I'd get off easy submitting that photo I did a simple HDR job on.  Well, that probably won't cut the mustard with LadyE.

In my almost-thorough-research I'm always pretending to do, I discovered: SHE GOT THAT PHOTO FROM ME BEFORE !

It was way back in 2010. That was, like, last year. December of last year to be exact. SHUCKS.

So, seeing as I have gazillions of photos of these UNESCO Castles that have never seen digital daylight, I dug up a different one. This is from a new angle, one that most travelers don't get to see.

All the touristy brochures show castles from the entrance. That's nice if you're looking around for front doors to go through to visit these historic landmarks.

Act like Hagar the Horrible and knock on the castle's front door to do the Viking Trick or Treat thing.

Sometimes, I like to go and shoot castles from different positions.  Usually, that has something to do with where the light shines best for my purposes. And, it gives me photos that nobody else gets, not even on postcards. I got the part of the castle someone coming from the sea to attack the place might run into.

They built these castles by stacking cut limestone rocks without any mortar. Now, imagine sailing your boat from China, Indonesia, Norway, Pennsylvania, Scotland (They discovered America, ya know) or any one of those foreign countries and climbing over 300 meters above sea level to attack Nakajin Castle. If you didn't go knock on the front door, this is what you'd see.

Guess what would happen when you started attacking and hollering "Yer money or your life" ?

Nothing would happen.  The defenders of the Ryukyu Kingdom would just wait.

They would wait until you started getting real close and climbing the walls. That's when the good stuff starts to happen. They'd pick up the unmortared rocks and drop them on your head.  Hah !

This should keep me from getting into DEEP KIMCHI with Lady Expat for this week's Travel Photo Thursday. I wonder if she really eats that stuff ?

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