Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Back in December 2010 I had a contest SHOOT THIS BLOG AND WIN A CONTEST WITH SOME RULES.

The plan was, give away any photo chosen from my gallery to the three winners who screenshot my blog with the winning numbers 99,999, 100,000 and 100,001. Nobody won. The dang thing happened too fast.
A couple of people emailed me and said they almost wrecked their cars hurrying home from work to shoot the blog. It turned over 100,001 before they could shoot it.

I stayed up past 2AM (Japan time) that day and managed to do a screenshot at 99,999. Just seven minutes later, I went back to screenshoot again and the thing hit 100,014.  It's outa control.
But, I love it.  I'm having another contest, now, to mark the big event: A QUARTER MILLION !

This really is a big event, to me. Look at McDonalds, for example. I don't know if they gave away a hambuger when they hit a quarter million.
They've sold millions and millions of their greasy hamburgers and they brag about it.

So, I want to brag about my quarter million and give away three of my photos, without any grease on them just because I appreciate my customers.

1. Look at the view counter in the upper right hand corner of my blog.
2. Snap a screenshot of it when it hits 249,999.
3. Snap a shot of it when it hits 250,000. That could happen real soon after it hits 249,999.
4. Snap a shot of it at 250,001. That'd be when the contest is over.

1. Only one screenshot of either 249,999, 250,000, or 250,001 per individual may be entered.
2. Entries accepted via email, only.
3. There will be three prizes awarded. One for the first email containing the 249,999 shot, one for the first email recieved with the 250,000 and one for the first with the 250,001 shot attached.
4. Offer is void in New Jersey and some other places where people talk funny. Just don't tell me where you live and you can participate if your email address is someplace where they have stupid laws and people call birds, boids. Do they still whack people there?

1. If you don't know how to do a screenshot, don't worry. Prop your elbows on the table and shoot the winning numbers with your cell-phone camera or any other camera and email that shot to me.
2. To email me, if you're not already in my address book, simply go to MY HOMEPAGE and hit the thing centered on the top of the page that says "CONTACT ME". Then we can swap email addresses as long as you promise not to send any naked lady photos to me or naked anybodies, for that matter.
3. I will email the winners a humongous 300dpi JPEG file, suitable for printing, of any single photo they choose from any category in my photo gallery. If a winner prefers to have me print an 8x10 photo in either High Gloss or Matte, I will do that and cover the postage anywhere on Planet Earth providing it's not New Jersey or anywhere else where contests are prohibited by law. However, that means I'll need your personal mailing address. Have no fear; I don't do Xmas cards. I just want to give everybody (even people with boids) a chance to win.
4. Any disputes, gripes, or problems can be handled by the COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT. You can reach them by going to CONTACT ME and in your subject line type these words,

All joking aside, this is a big event for me and there are way too many people for me to thank individually for the phenominal numbers of views my blog has been getting. I want to thank you all.

If you're so inclined, drive carefully, make sure you follow the rules and SHOOT THIS BLOG !



Gene said...

At It again already, seems just a little bit ago you were worried about hitting 100,000 now look at You, Mr. Popularity . Good for you,Mike glad to see it and try to win one of these this time .Hope I Hope LOL

RyukyuMike said...

Well, I had intended on doing a contest at 150,000 and it blew right on by. Then, again at 175,000 and 200,000 and the same thing happened.
So, I figured I'd better screenshoot it this morning, quick.

No clue, what's driving the numbers. It could be some geek sittin' in a closet, eating Chinese delivered take-out orders and just keeps hitting my blog pages to drive me nuts, for all I know.
But, I know some people actually read the thing, because lots of folks are asking me how to fix their coffee pots, all of a sudden. Standby with your camera; I'd love to see a regular visitor win !


Cathy Sweeney said...

I missed it! How could that happen? I guess you're just too popular, Mike. Congrats at hitting another milestone.

RyukyuMike said...

Thank you. The thing just happens. Last time, I stayed up 'til 2AM to catch it. I decided I'd sleep last night and hoped someone would catch a shot of it. Still waiting to see. I hope I have a winner !

Anonymous said...

after browsing a lot of crappy blogs today, thisone really sticks out from the crowd!

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks. I hope you hit my Facebook Fan page with a Like so you'll be eligible for something when I have the next Giveaway celebrating the 3/4, or maybe the one million mark !