Friday, February 25, 2011

What The Duck ? (Photo) and I Wanna Be A Millionaire, Too !

What the Duck ?  Oh, he's just an Anas clypeata, commonly known as a Northern Shoveler.  You can Google or Wikipedia them and go to any number of bird channels, if you want to learn more about our feathered friend birds.

There's another kind of anal bird called MILLIONAIRES that I'd like to provide a link to for you. 

I don't make this stuff up. Millionaires, in the USA, are drawing UNEMPLOYMENT !

Now, I work to pay my taxes in Japan and I pay my taxes to the USA, so I guess I'm giving my fair share.

I never considered myself to be a greedy person. 

But, what the duck. Now, I wanna be a millionaire, too !

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