Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stained Glass (Photo) Sometimes It's Worth A Look Up

Here'a a scene I spotted as we were leaving the Okinawa International Orchid Show the other day.

While most people are attracted to the souvenirs like jewelry, books, postcards and even flowers they sell in the gift store as you exit the place, I look for something different to do.

Anything, but another flower, would be fine to shoot. I looked up and saw this stained glass on the ceiling.

Hah, I bet nobody going to a flower show ever even thought of snapping a picture like this.

First, I set up the tripod and just guessed where I was aiming, set my exposure and snapped a fairly decent photo. But, I wanted more of the scene and wouldn't be able to do it with the camera on the tripod.

I ripped my camera off the tripod and asked the girls at the information booth if it'd be alright to lay down on the floor to take the photo the way I wanted. They signaled "OK".

Then, I laid down on the floor and composed this photo. I had to hold steady for 1/6 of a second. You can do that by planting your elbows real tight against your body, keeping your head on the floor and squnching the viewfinder real tight against your face. Nothing moves.

It's better than a tripod. You become a human bodypod and your camera can take sharper photos than it could with a tripod if you do it right.

So, practice finding things you can shoot by laying on the ground; most people don't realize "Sometimes it's worth a look up".

There is a word of caution I'd like to share with Mothers and Fathers who let their daughters run around in way-too-short skirts. Tell those girls to stay clear of cameramen laying on the floor.

While I was down on the ground with my camera, a whole flock or busload of them came by.

I was there just to shoot stained glass.

A different cameraman may have thought sometimes it's worth a look up for other reasons. 

What do they feed those girls?  Something makes them oblivious.

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