Sunday, July 22, 2012

On Motobu Peninsula with the Sigma 50-500mm Lens

This photo of rice harvested and hanging out to dry was taken with the Sigma 50-500mm.

RyukyuRusty and I went to the Motobu Peninsula to get some information.

Normally I wouldn't use such a large lens for this type of photo.

It was cranked all the way down to 50mm for this shot.

A little farther out, at 138mm, I took this photo of a family doing the harvesting.

For some reason it looked like a husband and wife team hanging up the rice crop.

We see couples working the fields together all the time.

Rusty and I got going in different directions checking out the area.

When we met again he said, "See the bamboo poles fall when the wife put too much rice on the rack?"

"Nope, I missed it.  But, I bet she caught holy hell from the farmer," I said.

Lucky me, I found these scarecrows taking a break and shot a photo of them at 50mm.

While developing today's photos I discovered there wasn't any wife in the above pictures.

And it made me feel like a real dummy.

Do you suppose a person could make a decent living being hired as a scarecrow ? 

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