Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo Opportunities on the Trek to Hira Taki Waterfall

wide angle view,rocks and jungle,stream leading to waterfall

Lately, I've been going off the beaten path with a camera and tripod a lot.

water flowing through jungle stream

Hira Taki is one of those places Map It Okinawa located for his adventurous followers.

rocks in streambed,wide angle view,ferns

He estimates the trek up to the falls takes about twenty minutes.

stream in jungle,rocks,ferns,trees

That's probably correct for someone who is in a hurry to get there.

rocks,ferns,jungle vegetation

What I like to do (ahem-ahum) is pretend I'm a senior citizen and take my time.

wide angle view of jungle stream,rocks

There are some beautiful colors and textures nature provides along the way.

muddy water, stream,jungle,rocks

Rocks, ferns, trees, deadwood, moss, and even muddy water, are all fair game, to me.

stream leading to waterfall in jungle

What I do is wait for a passing cloud to block the glare from the sun.

jungle stream, flowing water,rocks

My camera and I consider those few seconds photo opportunities.

Hira Taki waterfall, rocks in foreground,jungle

If you go on a trek to Hira Taki with me, plan on spending an hour traveling, each way !

Learn more about hiking up Okinawa's Hira Taki Waterfall  here.

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