Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I Went Back to the Travel Agent Academy

OK.  When I left here last night I didn't really walk beers and drink dogs, or whatever.

The truth be known, I was really too tired at 2AM to reach in my pocket for a wallet.

So, I went home and crashed.  Told the dogs to wake me up early.

We had a nice walk on the beach, after sunup.

Then, I came in and checked my emails.

There was something from the Travel Agent Academy.

Why they call it Sell Asia Travel Specialist beats me but, I'm sold on Asia.

Heck, I even live here.

Over half my life, I've probably been somewhere in Asia. 

So, I went and took a quick refresher course in the Resource Center at the Academy.

In less than two hours, I took the three exams and passed them all.

Now, you can call me a Sell Asia Travel Specialist.

If you are planning a trip, anywhere in Asia, holler at me.

 Everything you need to know about travel, anywhere in Asia, is at my fingertips.

There's no way I'd sell Asia.

 But, if you want to travel here, I can hook you up.


See if you qualify for the TRAVEL AGENT ACADEMY.

It's like discovering a goldmine !


Unknown said...

So, old dogs can learn new tricks???

RyukyuMike said...

Mochiron !