Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo Essay: Tanabata Decorations are Up in Nanjo, Again !

There weren't any decorations hanging in the trees and nobody was at home. 


That got me worried about whether, or not Fumiko Nakamoto was doing alright.

She's the sweetheart who celebrates Tanabata, the Star Festival, every year by sprucing up her

property with thousands of brilliant, folded-paper doohickeys.

Today, we went back down that way and, discovered that overnight, the job got done.

It was a little bit windy and that made all the paper stuff move around a lot.

 But, you rarely hear me cussing the wind, when it blows on a hot day in July.

 Shooting photos of all the brilliant colors, from every angle, is what I was there to do.

Fumiko is a Master at Origami, I'd have to say.

   She folds and strings all the artwork.

And, she hangs the decorations in the trees, by herself.

Mapitokinawa got a photo of the real star of Tanabata in Nanjo City Okinawa.

There she is shaking hands with some old guy ! 

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