Monday, July 9, 2012

Where RyukyuMike's Words and/or Photos Have Been Published

Today I'm getting the website and blog reorganized.  It's just one of those things I do on rainy days.

If what I'm about to attempt works, life will be a lot easier, for followers and yours truly.

The Articles Published, on my website homepage, will appear here, on the blog.

That will give me room to do something else over there.

If it doesn't work, this place could go up in smoke !

Where RyukyuMike's Articles and Photos have been published:

Apogee Photo MAR 2009 APR 2009  JUL 2009 NOV 2009 FEB 2010 MAY 2010 OCT 2010
MAR 2014  MAR 2016
Big World Magazine DEC 2009
BootsNall JUN 2009 OCT 2009
Brave New Traveler OCT 2009 

Children's Butterfly Site MAR 2014
CNN GO MAY 2010 JUN 2010 JAN 2011

CNN International Travel   JAN 2013
Go Backpacking JAN 2010 JAN 2010 MAR 2010 JUL 2010
Go Nomad NOV 2009
In the Know Traveler CAMERA TALK 

Japan Travel FEB 2013 DEC 2013 DEC 2015
Lonely Planet MAR 2010
Matador Travel Network
JUL 2009 SEP 2009 APR 2010 MAY 2010 SEP 2009 SEP 2009 JUL 2010 AUG 2010

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog JUL 2010
Pocket Cultures MAY 2010 JUN 2010 JUL 2010 AUG 2010 MAR 2011 APR 2011 JUL 2012 MAR 2013 

Romar Travel Magazine DEC 2009 FEB 2010 
Stars & Stripes Okinawa
Stripes Okinawa APR 2015 NOV 2015
The History Press: In Titanic's Shadow by DAVID L. WILLIAMS OCT 2012
The Nihon Sun JUL 2009
The Compass Culture DEC 2009
The Photo Argus APR 2010 MAY 2010
Travelmag UK FEB 2010
Travel Thru History AUG 2009 JAN 2010 APR 2010
Wend Magazine JUL 2009
Yahoo! Voices MAR, APR, JUN,
JUL, AUG, OCT 1 and OCT 24, 2012

  There are a few other, online, places my work has appeared but, sometimes links get broken.

I found out the best way to fix that is: Delete, Delete, Delete. So, that's what I do.

Rainy days make me cranky. 


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