Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some New Angles at the Ginoza Museum in Okinawa

The Map It Okinawa dude dragged me into Okinawa's Ginoza Museum today.

Since I had been there before, I told him I'd wait and not pay to go see the displays.

What the heck. The air conditioning at the entrance was working just fine.

This painting on the wall in the vestibule caught my eye.

So, I asked the museum staff if it would be alright to take a photo of it.

That little card taped to the wall below the frame caught my attention, too.

It says Unjami.  That's an Okinawan religious ceremony, of sorts.

More on that in another post or publication.  I'm always looking for these sort of things.

For ten years, or so, I lived in Ginoza Village but, never heard of an Unjami there.

So, I let RyukyuRu, the Map It Okinawa dude, pay for me to go in the museum.

It was time to try some new angles.

The lighting in these places can be fairly harsh for the cameraman.

But, moving left, right, up and down at different angles can improve the lighting.

Camera angles weren't the only new angles we tried today, though.

Chatting with the museum staff for a good while is an angle we should practice more often.

We left with tons of information that would have taken forever to find on our own.

A big thumbs up to the staff at the Ginoza Museum!

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