Monday, July 2, 2012

Wildlife Photo: A Dragonfly Named Blue Dasher and a Rant

A few nights ago, I was too burned-out to continue my research.

So, I went and posted this dragonfly as either a Orthetrum Triangulare or Glaucum.

The next morning, I came in and checked my Facebook Page.


A gal, all the way over in Texas, posted the correct ID on the critter.

My hat goes off to Vicky Vivona, a Facebook Fan who found me through MAP IT OKINAWA.

Researching these bugs can really drive a person crazy. 

And, I don't like misidentifying anything I post online. Scientists will jump all over you.

So, I'm glad somebody came along and corrected me, on this one.

The Blue Dasher got a doozy of a scientific name:

What could those scientists have been thinking of when they named this critter ?

I try to keep this blog family friendly.

Are you scientists ashamed of what's under your lab coats, or just some kind of nuts ?

You could have said longiwingus, er something like that. 

Dang !


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