Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 GIFs from the Ginoza Hamburger Festival

Action Away from the Food Tents



A little confession. I did eat one hamburger.

It was a lot more fun watching the entertainment. And, that part didn't cost anything.

children playing drums

Little kids were banging on these Taiko Drums like professionals.

girl, child, taiko drummer

I had to get closer to focus one one drummer.

motorcycle, stunts

Away from the crowds, I went to investigate the noise motorcycles were making.

They were doing some wild stunts with those bikes.

motorcycle stuntman

Like, this guy, standing up and, riding on only one wheel.

guy and girl, Eisa dancing

It wouldn't be a festival, without Eisa dancers.

With over a thousand images to process, I left the fairgrounds early.

Lots of people were still standing in the long lines, waiting for their burgers.

So, I went back to the office and downloaded the camera.

And, went across the street for a sit down meal.

Hamburger steak !

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