Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Images Recently Selected by TripAdvisor's Property Owners

One Was Shot with a Cellular Phone



When I do a TripAdvisor Review, I like to send in a few photos.

Sometimes, especially when it's time for lunch, I leave the cameras behind.

There's a time for photography and there's a time for eating. I take both, seriously.

In no particular order, here are the latest review photos, loved by travel property folks:

Kin Bridge

Kin Bridge

sea and forest scene, Nakijin, Okinawa

Bridge Station Rikarikawarumi

sushi bar

Dining Cafe Kariya

tatami room, soba house

Maruyasu Nakagusuku

Blue Seal Ice Cream, Nago, Okinawa

Blue Seal Nago

frontal view, restaurant, Japan

Restaurant Tulip Kin Town

Tenpura Shop, Nanjo, Okinawa

Oshiro Tempuraten

observation lookout, Gitara Coast, Izena Island

Gitara Coast: Izena Island

Rest House Kamiyama: Izena Island

Japanese restaurant, Nago, outside view

Resraurant Otoya: Nago

To read the reviews on TripAdvisor or get directions, click on the titles.

I case you were wondering, which photo was taken with an antique cell-phone, hint:

It wasn't any of the first nine.

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