Monday, December 15, 2014

Festive Motion GIF from December 7, 2014 and a Note

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A Funny Thing Happened



Last week at the Nuchigusui Festival, I really didn't know who's picture I had taken.

Someone from Kentucky, USA asked me if, I saw this gal.

He said, she looked right at my camera and, winked at me.

Out of the hundreds of photos, I might know a dozen of the folks in the images.

Women are always blowing kisses and winking at the cameraman.

It's because part of our routine, is blowing kisses and winking at them.

We collaborated online and, I think, I may have found the young lady.

Now, all I need is a signed model release and, I can give her a framed photo !

NOTE: Construction of the new, improved website is running smoothly.

Hopefully everything will be accomplished in time to ring in the New Year.

Nowadays, I monkey could probably be trained to handle this task which has been baffling me. 

The problem: I ain't exactly a monkey.

But, I do enjoy monkeying around !

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